Worbla Thermoplastic

Worbla Tutorials

Below is a group of Worbla tutorials to get you started.  I know there are  a number of tutorials on the internet that show you how to use this material.  But these are some quick easy ones to watch to give you an idea of what you are working with.

Worbla's Finest Art - the thermoplastic modelling material! Use hot air, water or steam (min.90 degrees C) to shape the plastic however you want. The material is heat-formable and solvent-free. Scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended, so there is almost no waste. These leftovers can be molded just like putty. - via (Worbla.com)

Kamui Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay  makes amazing armor and props.  If you'd like to learn more about making your own armor and props from Kamui, visit Kamui Cosplay's page.

Kristi Kai Cosplay

The always awesome Kristi Kai showing us how to make a worbla and wonderflex mold.  See more of Kristi's cosplay here.

Aurore Cosplay

Aurore Cosplay another awesome cosplayer. Check Aurore out here.

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