Wonderflex Tutorials

Kamui Cosplay's Wonderflex Tutorial

Wonderflex looks like a piece of plastic, but it becomes soft and malleable when heated. It can be shaped by hand or over a mold while hot. Once it cools down it hardens retaining the shape. It can be re-heated and reshaped as many times as necessary, or worked in sections. It glues to itself if enough pressure is applied. It can be cut with scissors and finished with paint, gluing fabric on top, or any other method. It can be heated with a heat gun, a microwave oven, or dipped in hot water.

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Kamui Cosplay Makes amazing armor and props.  If you'd like to learn more about making your own armor and props from Kamui, visit Kamui Cosplay's page.

Kristi Kai Cosplay

Wonderflex Tutorial

The always awesome Kristi Kai showing us how to make a worbla and wonderflex mold.  See more of Kristi's cosplay here.

Rexluna Cosplay's Wonderflex Tutorial

Rexluna Cosplay provides great tutorials in many areas and she's an amazing cosplayer!   Click here to See more Rexluna Cosplay!

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