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Victory Cosplay

Adventure Time Marceline Cosplay
Death: Neil Gaiman's sandman comic Cosplay

Photo by Krissy Victory

Fionna Adventure Time Cosplay

I go by Krissy Victory because I always like to win no matter what.  I speak read and write Korean and went to the number 2 Academic school in Korea. 


I make dance videos on YouTube and watch plenty of anime I also game and forget I have a life a lot, I am a big starwars and a big bioshock fan. I also write for a geek blog called another castle, you can see my post there as well.


I love daisy Fitzroy and Vanille from the final fantasy 13 series I also play skyrim on my PC frequently I've played other major games like mass effect series and final fantasy games and even classics like chronos cross.


Entertaining is what I love to do I am an acting major in college, being someone else is what I love and I bring it in my Cosplays as well. I like being able to show the world my art. I hope you love it too.



Daisy Fitzroy Bioshock Cosplay
Evagelion 2.0 Cosplay

Photo by Matthew Theron photography

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