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Cosplay Tools

Below we have a few of the basic tools you'll need for to create your cosplay costume.  This is not a end, all be all list.  It's just a few tools to help you get started.

Depending on the type of cosplay costumes you are making.  Sanding, polishing and sawing may be required.  Be sure to protect your eyes and face at all times.  A face shield and or protective goggles can be found at most major hardware stores.  Even places like Wal-Mart carry the safety goggles.

Many people forget to protect their ears while using loud power tools.   Investing in Ear muffs or even ear plugs will go a long way in reducing the trauma that power tools put your ears through.

Breathing in dust from sanding, or the fumes from painting can cause great distress to your body over time.  Wearing a respirator or filter of some sort will provide some protection.  These can also be found at hardware stores, and places like Wal-mart.

The hot glue gun is a simple but amazingly useful tool for cosplay costume creations.  Like the name says it melts sticks of adhesive.  You apply it, hold the items together and it creates a solid hold.  Keeping the parts together.  the glue solidifies once it cools.

A power sander is a great tool for grinding down, smoothing out, and polishing your cosplay props and armor.  Sanding by hand is fine.  But using a power sander get the job done faster and lets you move on to other parts of your costume.

Exacto knife sets are great for making precise cuts in places your sissors can't reach or make a clean cut.  And Exacto knife is great for cutting materials like craft foam.

This one is easy.  Sissors!  A good sharp pair of sissors will be one of your greatest allies when creating your cosplay costumes.  Depending on the Costume you. You will need Fabric sissors and or leather sissors.

The Heat gun will be a favored tool of yours if you decide to work with Worbla, wonderflex, fosshape, and even various types of craft foam.  visit the Materials and sourcing pages for videos and tutorials.  You can purchase these from hardware stores and big box stores like Wal-Mart.  And they are VERY affordable.


If you are making props IE swords, armor etc.  The Dremel or rotary tool. will be your best friend.  They come in many models with various speeds. wired and wireless. Purchasing a complete kit with all the bits and attachments will be a wise investment for your cosplay future.

For those who wish to create their own costumes from scratch or even modify items you find in the store.  You should expect to spend many a great deal of time with your sewing machine.  Like the Dremel tool it is a wise investment.  Or you can attempt to do it all by hand.  while some cosplayers make many costumes by hand, they will tell you... it is very time consuming.

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