Takumi Cosplay

Takumi is Hebrew for "she rises." Embrace your mistakes; fall so you can learn to pick yourself back up.



I am Gabby Dierickx and I have been costuming since I learned to sew at the age of eight. I never knew what to call my creations until I discovered Meagan Marie's Cosblogs on Game Informer's website. It was there that I began to follow the work of talented cosplayers like Lindze, Erick and Rose, and Meagan herself.


Because I was an athlete I was never able to tackle large cosplay projects, so most of my costumes were done for creative photo shoots. But being a recent college grad, I have free time on my hands! Meagan Marie opened an invitation to her followers to join a cosplay group for Camilla d'Errico's Helmet Girls and I took the offer.


I gave myself a month to make two Helmet Girls for my sister and myself. Hours of stress, a few hundred dollars, 13940830 YouTube tutorial videos, and multiple failed attempts later I presented two mediocre costumes at Dragon*Con: my first con ever! Not only did I get to meet several cosplay role models but I got to experience geek culture full on.

Needless to say, I am addicted. I was not satisfied with the quality of my first cosplay but hey, who ever is ;). I plan to use my competitive and perfectionist nature to make great costumes. I can't wait to continue to be a part of this nerd community and make a name for myself in it.

Asylum Harley Quinn photo by Mike Cole Photography

Camilla de'Errico's Stawberry Crows photo by Anna Cosplay Photography

Forever thanks to Meagan Marie for introducing me to this art xxx



Warrior pocahontas photo by Starfall Photography

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