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Sweets4aSweet Cosplay

Shrek Cosplay

Hello I am Candy, also known as Sweets4aSweet Cosplay! I have been cosplaying for about 3 years in the Michigan area. My first official cosplay is probably the one I am best known for - Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid!


Being a plus-size cosplayer, it is difficult to find costumes that fit me. Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has helped me make costumes - and that tradition continues! She does a lot of the sewing and I make props, accessories, makeup effects and styling wigs!


My friends took me to my first anime convention several years ago and I was hooked! People get to dress up year round?!? And meet other people with the same interests, fandoms and hobbies?!? I have been attending 6-9 conventions a year since then! I am looking forward to going to my very first Dragon*Con this year.



Little Mermaid Cosplay

The costume I most enjoy wearing right now is warrior Fiona from Shrek Forever After. This alternate costume for Princess Fiona is fun and sassy, and I got to make a giant prop axe! I also cosplay as a female Penguin from Batman (victorian style), Peggy Bundy from Married...with Children, Pam Poovey from Archer, and Miss Piggy of the Muppets! I will be debuting my female Captain Hook in a few weeks!


I have had many men and women reach out to me saying that they have dared to try cosplaying because they have been inspired by seeing a confident plus-size cosplayer putting herself out there. And I am completely flattered! I like to chat with people look for a little self-esteem boost and give them something to strive for, even if it's just to attend their first convention.


I can be found on facebook at:, and also Instagram and


Twitter as @sweets4asweet


Print Store:


Sweets4aSweet Cosplay

Muppets Cosplay
The Penguin Cosplay
Peggy Bundy cosplay

The Penguin from Batman - Photo by Elemental Photography

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