Polychrome Dreams Gloomy Bear Cosplay

I have been an otaku/casual gamer/cartoon-fanatic since I was a kid, and my love for all things nerdy and unusual has not changed since then. I am also in love with the fashion aspect of costume design and it has been a huge influence on the way I create my costumes and outfits.


I started in 2009 and cosplaying has opened up new worlds for me in so many ways. Out of every hobby in my life that has taken my interest----this hobby has been the most challenging, exciting, controversial, and liberating hobby I have ever experienced. I learned how to sew & craft---my creativity and love for my fandom’s & favorite characters allow me to make fiction come to life.

Also, I’ve made so many amazing friends and met people from all over the U.S. What more could anyone ask for?


Polychrome Dreams Link Cosplay

Well, that’s enough about me. Here is where you can find me online:


IG: http://instagram.com/polychromedoutrimz#


Facebook: Facbook.com/Polychromedreams


Tumblr: Collectiveconscience.tumblr.com


Storenvy: Polychromedreams.storenvy.com


Behance: Behance.net/Polychromedreams

Polychrome Dreams Black Cat Cosplay

Photo by DarcG Photography

Polychrome Dreams Alice in Wonderland Cosplay

Photo by David Strange

Polychrome Dreams Bunny Maid Sonico Cosplay

Photo by Ojima

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