Nickychu as Juliet Starling cosplay
Nickychu Hatsune Miku cosplay

Photo by Sage Dignan

Nickychu Katarina Cosplay

Photo by Euphoria Cosplay Studios

"Hi! I'm Nicky and I have been cosplaying for about 7 years. I didn't fully start getting into cosplaying and making my own cosplays until about 2 years ago. I was brought up as a gamer having two brothers, gaming became my life. I still game a very good bit and cosplaying has become a deep passion of mine.


I really enjoy making props and I excel in that more so then I do in sewing. I mostly attend cons on the East Coast. I am also a huge supporter in other cosplayers. I love seeing so many different types of work and I like learning from fellow cosplayers. I really enjoy this hobby because I believe it is an ever growing one and something where you can constantly better yourself. Remember if your cosplaying for fun and adventure the sky is the limit!


Facebook page:"

Nickychu Zatanna Cosplay

Photo by S.A.S  Photography

Nickychu Holo Cosplay

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