MeltingMirror Ragyo Kiryuin Cosplay
Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmations Cosplay

MeltingMirror, also known as The-Mirror-Melts, is a master-level cosplayer with 10 years of cosplay experience.  She has been frequently featured in magazines including Cosmode and Cosplay Gen, and showcased on websites such as Kotaku and Deviantart.


Her costume choices cover a wide range of characters types and genres - anime, comics, video games, movies – and they also involve the use of a variety of techniques. With the knowledge she has gained through years of crafting,she is always open to help cosplayers and frequently provides tips and advice both online and in panels.









AmeComi Cheetah - Wonderwoman Cosplay
Ms Fortune SkullGirls Cosplay

Photo by ckdecember Website

Hana Gate 7 Cosplay

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