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I started cosplaying in the fall of 2012 at Stan Lee's Comikaze, here in Los Angeles, where I have lived my entire life. Prior to this, I didn't even know what "cosplaying" was, and I had only heard about SDCC, when it came to conventions. I am a huge Halloween fan, and all of my cosplays began AS Halloween costumes, but I pretty much figured they would never get to see the public eye again......was I ever wrong.


So, back to SDCC, I just happened to be hanging out with a friend who lives in SD the weekend of Comic Con in 2012 (total coincidence), so went down there to check it out from the outside. I saw tons of wonderful costumes and immediately thought back to how much fun I had dressing up as Wolverine a few years back, so I decided I would join the fun next year. Well, luckily for me, someone handed me a flier for Comikaze, so I decided to check it out 2 months later, and that's where my life changed.


It was one of the coolest weekends I've ever had, and I ended up meeting a fellow cosplayer (and now good friend, Angi Viper), after the fact, thanks to her comments about me on a Youtube video from Comikaze a few weeks later. She then exposed me to the world of cosplay, basically, and before I knew it, I had been to more than 15 conventions and taken part in numerous photo shoots, and even some video projects, which is where I am now.

Lonstermash as Logan Cotton Tail

My most known character to cosplay is obviously Wolverine/Logan, and I DO love playing him (especially with all the fun I have had with comedic and holiday themed photos of him, since I'm a big goof at heart!). But my FAVORITE cosplay is Rocky Balboa, because growing up in the 80's, HE was my inspiration to work out, and I am the biggest Rocky fan on the planet. I truly love that character, and everything he stands for and how he lives his life. I also liked the Rambo movies, too, so that's another of my cosplays.


Finally, Batman was probably my earliest exposure to a superhero, and I love the movies, especially The Dark Knight series, so I've cosplayed him as well. And speaking of Batman, I even got to live a boyhood dream last weekend and star as him in Angi's upcoming Catwoman fan film (she plays Selena). She designed my costume for it, and our friends wrote a great script and filmed it---I can't wait until it's out this summer.

My favorite thing about cosplaying is my interaction with fans at conventions and on my fan page on FB. I get so much love and nice messages----people telling me that I really inspire them and make them laugh and smile. And to see the excited look on their faces when they take pics with me (a plain 'ol physical therapist, guy next door, who is approaching his mid 40's) at cons! Man, it doesn't get any better than that. And the best part of taking pics with fans is taking pics with the kids at cons!


They are so precious and awesome to me, and I so remember being their age and how cool it would have been if I could have taken pics with someone dressed as my favorite super hero. So I'm truly honored to make them happy!



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