Lady Rain Cosplay

Well I'm a marine veteran who loves playing video games, a huge marvel and batman fan, as love making people smile. I cosplay characters from comics to anime. From video games to even Kpop. I'm very open minded and been cosplaying for a long time. I don't do this to be famous. I do it because I love it and I want to encourage others to do what they love as well.


I didn't have Yaya Han or Ivy Doomkitty as my inspiration to cosplaying but it was my love of dressing up since I was a kid and seeing other people that love to dress up that made me love what I do even more. I want to encourage all the underdog cosplayers to get out there and make a name for themselves and just to have fun and make friends.


I want to be known as the underdog cosplayer that made it but never lost who I am. I'm going to school to be an animator and voice actor. So I want to be able to go to these convention as a special guest and tell other cosplayers that I was just like them and I will continue to cosplay until the end of my time.



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