Kristi Kai Cosplay

Kristi Kai Cospaly as Dark magician Girl
Kristi Kai Cosplay as Lady Bane

Name: Kristi Kai

Birth of Cosplay: November 2013

Favorite Character: Starfire

DC vs Marvel: DC wins every time.


Favorite thing about cosplaying: the challenge of creating a costume out of nontraditional materials. Such as making Poison Ivy battle ready. Favorite cosplay memory: Having my Cosplay idol Nicole Marie Jean accept my friend request. Why? Because that's what Cosplay is about. Getting to know people that inspire you to be exactly who or what you want to be. Biggest Cosplay Mistake: Using Velcro instead of Buckles. Velcro wears out after a while and caused a wardrobe malfunction. No good. I now use buckles, d-rings and lacing whenever possible.







Kristi Kai Cosplay as Battle Ready Poison Ivy
Kristi Kai Cosplay as Vintage Starfire
Kristi Kai Cosplay as Formal Starfire

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