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Holly Gloha Scarlet witch cosplay
Holly Gloha Princess Celestia Cosplay
Holly Gloha Sailor Moon Cosplay

 I am Holly Gloha, cosplayer, attention seeker and full blown nerd.  I've been costuming for about seven years now, and will continue to do so.  (I am addicted).  I've been featured on websites such as Nerd Caliber, (my Rarity won a Daily Deviation) and (my Rarity won a feature there as well) I  have even had the honor of winning awards from Texas cosplay competitions. I absolutely adore cosplay-it fuels my artistry, challenges me to push myself to Better Things, and I get to be involved in the cosplay community, which houses some of the most fun and talented people I've ever had the honor to meet! 


Cosplay to me is pure art: I can embody any character that resonates to me and be welcomed by a loving fandom.  My cosplays run the gamut from Classy to Cabaret to Cute, and I am proud of every single one of them.  Each costume has been a challenge for me, and because of that I am becoming a lot stronger in my sewing abilities.  I'm looking into wig styling and prop making, as I've seen some amazing cosplayers create things that inspire me so deeply! 


I can be found at:



Princess Celestia

Photographer: Filmshooter EventPhotographer ( )


Belly Dancer Scarlet Witch

Photographer: Michael Shum ( )


Blair the Cat (original lolita design)

Photographer: Philippe Mesritz ( )


Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Photographer: Andrew Stevens (  )


Sailor Venus

Photographer: Judy Escalante/Angelwing (

Holly Gloha Blair Soul Eater Cosplay
Holly gloha Venture Bros. Cosplay
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