Games I'm Playing

Here is a short list of the current MMO's i'm playing.  If you want to chill and hang out with me or any of the other (shall remain nameless ladies or gents from this site.)  Feel free to join us! Send me an email from the contact us page. Or  a tell in game if you see that i'm on. Lets have some Fun! 

:)  I'll give my info out, but not the others.. sorry :) 

Current Main Game

Name:  Gavec Talos

Server:  Goblin

Free Company(guild) Nomad

Role:  Tank/Healer/DPS

Name: Soesha


Guild: Free Agent

Role:  Tank/DPS

Name: Gavec Tylos/So'esha Tylos

Server: Ebon Hawk


Role: Tank/DPS

Name: Gavec Talos



Role: Tank

Name: Knightreaper23

Server: all

Guild: Runnoft

Role: All of them

Name: Gavec


Guild: Runnoft

Role: All

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