Fooly Cooly Cosplay

I started cosplaying a few years ago, and I feel the sky is the limit! I've done transgender characters, boy characters, sexy, monster characters you name it! I love anime and playing video games one of my favorite all time favorite animes is FLCL and Samurai Champloo, I love playing borderlands 1&2 and Monster Hunter.


I specialize in make up art, body art, modifications, simple sewing and recently armor making; one of my first props was a 7ft Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter. I enjoy going to both anime/comic related conventions and I feel very fortunate that I live near at least 10 different ones that I attend throughout California.


I am also an official cosplay model for My next convention line up for this year will be E3 gaming expo, Anime Expo, and Comic Con in San Diego. You can also visit my fan page

Poison Photo by Travis Tendo Touchdown with ModelMosa

Yoruichi Photo by Cesar Vivid Photography

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