Rikku Cosplay costumes

X-2 Rikku photo by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS

Advent Children Cosplay costumes

Tifa and Marlene photo by Rose Aurum.


Lebreau Cosplay  Costumes
Paine cosplay Costumes

Hi everyone!  I am a mother of two and a concert pianist and teacher by profession.  I started cosplaying two years ago and can't seem to stop!  =)  Making costumes and learning all sorts of new skills has been so much fun and rewarding (albeit stressful haha), and I love meeting so many awesome people through this crazy hobby online and at conventions!  


I love the crafting and propwork most of all, and having never made props, sewed, or styled wigs before I try to share what I know, as I've learned so much from others who have been kind enough to share their knowledge with people like me!  I love making costumes for my daughter as well, and try to cosplay with her as much as I can!  


Cosplay page:

Youtube (Final Fantasy piano covers--my other geek outlet):

Zack Fair Cosplay costume

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