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Photo by Michael Homunculu

Vanessa Carolina Gomez Angul born march 15, 1988, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Carolina is a Cosplay and professional belly dancer and Tanoura dancer of her country.  Carolina’s love and devotion to video games is what inspires her to  cosplay her favorite gaming characters.  Carolina’s favorite types of games are RPG’s, and she is a fanatic of  Legend of Zelda.  For Carolina it is a dream come true to be able to cosplay her favorite video game characters.


She began cosplaying in 2010, winning first place in the J’fest, and also won first place in the Feria Mundo anime contest in 2012.  Both conventions held in the Dominican Republic.  Her cosplays have been published in international journals such as the official Xbox360 of Brazil, Cosplayology , National INMAG, Tobogan,  the Official website of Street fighter, Kotaku, Cosplay Gen, Event Hubs, Culture Geek Panama, Nsfwgamer, and many others.


She has been the official model of the Malta Morena video games carnival, and has been a judge for cosplay contest at the Mundo Anime 2013.  In her dancing career she one third place in the Nile Egypt Festival, she was hired as a Tanoura dancer for St. Tomas, and judged a competition in Mexico.  She also won two  consecutive Best Choreographer  and one Best Dancer awards.




Facebook for Belly Dancing:


Belly Dancing:

Carolina Angulo Bayonetta Cosplay
Carolina Angulo Chun Li Cosplay
Carolina Angulo ibuki Street Fighter Cosplay
Carolina Angulo Catwoman Cosplay

Photo by Michael Homunculu

Photo by Michael Homunculu

Photo by Michael Homunculu

Photo by Leo Cabrera

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