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BewtichedRaven Doctor Who Cosplay

I am Christina aka BewitchedRaven! I have been cosplaying since 2011, and loving every moment of it. Growing up in theater, I have always been a creative and eccentric individual, and cosplay has provided me a wonderful opportunity to let that part out! Craftsmanship is something I value, as I do think you can gain so much more from working and building your own cosplays, but there is nothing wrong with buying one as well!


Cosplay is for everyone! No matter your shape, size, or fandom.

I am a huge advocate for ending cosplay bullying, as I see it far too often. Being someone who grew up knowing exactly what it was like to be teased and rejected for simply being a geek, I feel its a behavior that shouldn't be allowed in the cosplay community. We, as cosplayers, should work to build each other up, never tear someone down.
If cosplay is what you love to do, don't ever stop! I know I wont! :-)

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BewitchedRaven TMNT Cosplay
BetwitchedRaven Steampunk Doctor Who Cosplay
BewitchedRaven Bioshock Cosplay
BewtichedRaven Louise Belcher Bob's Burgers Cosplay
BewitchedRaven R2D2 Dress
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