Angie Starr Princess Peach Cosplay

Angie Starr (Professional Go-Go Dancer & Cosplayer) Angie is an experienced and professional dancer, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of how things are properly done with a constant upbeat attitude.  She can follow the rises and drops in a song like liquid, incorporating different styles of dance into the way she moves, ensuring she is a pleasure to work with and watch.


Costuming has always been a part of preforming on stage and Angie's natural nerdy nature inspired her to get more involved in cosplay and con's. DragonCon, held in Atlanta annually has been a major contributor opening the doors for nerdy cosplay fun, having danced on stage at the "Dragon Dance" held by". Angie has started to tour sharing her love of cosplay, dancing, and gaming!





Naughty Princess Peach Photo by Danny Hunter

Angie Starr harley Quinn Cosplay
Angie Star Twi'lek Cosplay

Pink Twe'lek Lekku photo by Trent Chau

Angie Starr Emma Frost Cosplay

Emma Frost Photo by Danny Hunter

Angie Star Princess Leia cosplay
Angie Starr Smite Aphorodite Cosplay

Smite Aphorodite photo by Trent Chau

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