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 Alexandria The Red

Alexandria the Red as Merida Bunny

Photo by York in a Box

I am completely at home and feel free to be myself without fear of judgement or ostracism. Quoting random films used to be met with ridicule. Now, most people continue with the next line. Besides showing my love for a character and bettering my craft, my main love of cosplay stems from the complete acceptance I’ve found in this community. A community that has allowed me to thrive and grow as a person.


I am the confident woman I have always wanted to be, because cosplay allowed me to be myself.  In the future I hope to challenge myself by making more armor based cosplays, since my comfort zone lies with more fabric heavy choices. My best advice for someone just starting out in the cosplay world is to start small and to utilize your resources. The internet is full of tutorials on everything imaginable. And don’t forget to have fun, after all we are adults dressing up in costume, we can’t take things too seriously!




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Alexandria the Red as Katniss Everdeen
Alexandria the Red as Saeko Busujima -High School of the Dead

My name is Alexandria the Red and I am a cosplayer, gamer, geek girl and sometimes model. I am 21 years old and I am from Orange County, CA. I am a self taught seamstress who still has much to learn! I look up to people like Abby Dark Star and Meagan Marie because they have achieved such excellence in their sewing skills.


My love of cosplay is what made me love myself. When I was in middle school and high school I would always attempt to hide my nerdiness. I grew up on Xena and Stargate and loved reading and writing short stories. The people I hung around with labeled me as weird and often made fun of me for my interests. They would say, “its a good thing you're pretty” or “people like you until you open your mouth and talk about comics”. It hurt every time. Discovering the world of cosplay was like finding the one place I belong.

Queen Elsa Cosplay
Alexandria the Red as Phoenix
Alexandria the Red s Poison Ivy
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