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Cosplay Evolved


This site stared with a question sent out to many of the top cosplayers.  " What are the top 10 problems that cosplayers run into that cause frustration?"    I sent this question out to a lot of cosplayers through their facebook pages and some through emails.    I didn't expext the number of replies and feedback that I received.


I took the main issues that seemed to be on multiple cosplyers lists and i've tried to build the site around helping to fix those issues.  A few of those were: Not enough exposure for their website/facebook pages, hard to source materials, travel costs, not enough reference images of the character they want to cosplay, Prints not selling well.   Going to the Cons and not being able to get pro quality photos of their cosplays.    For those who are merchants it seemed spending money for tables at cons and then their products don't  pull in enough to cover their trips.


Many of you will see some of these and say "That's NOT what cosplay is all about! And that would be your opinion.  But cosplay is about having fun, it doesn't matter if you cosplay  strictly for fun, or if you cosplay as a career.  Cosplay allows you the freedom to do what makes you feel good.  There are NO rules, body type,  gender, races restrictions, or guidelines for cosplaying.


With that being said I've tried my best to help with as many of the problems as i can.  Our Featured page is open to ANYONE who wants to be featured on the website and gain exposure for their creative cosplay efforts and have links back to their websites or merchant pages.  The Gallery is for people who just want to show off some con photos or pro photos they've had done.


The tools and sourcing page is to help with cosplay costumes creation.  And even where to buy some of your cosplay costumes.  The donation page is for !.) helping to keep us going.  2.) To help with the costs of travel,  and costume creation for the featured cosplayers.  And to help us put together our own Cosplay Evolved Con in the futre.  We may not be able to fully fund trips, and projects yet.  But we can help out where we can.  And this ALL depends on your support to make that a reality.   We have a little something for every type of cosplayer and something for those who are looking to join our awesome community of cosplay!  Thanks for your time!








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